Get inspired on the 4th of february

The future of cloud & hybrid IT

Join us for a day full of stimulating content and ground-breaking inspirations about the cloud, modern workplaces, IOT, hybrid IT, etc. with speakers such as tech-thought leader Steven van Belleghem, professor in strategic management Jamie Anderson and many many more!

Inspire in the cloud

In the last few months, thousands of us have adopted cloud platforms, SaaS-applications and cloud-based conferencing. The cloud has never been more relevant. But cloud is so much more than conference calls and digital workplaces alone. It’s also a major catalyst for business innovation and progress. Reason enough to shed a light on the potential, the possibilities and challenges for your business with a broad panel of innovators and experts.

Ready for a day full of inspiration, innovation and technology?

INSPIRE by Xylos is a yearly returning event that looks ahead to the technological innovations that make your organization grow.

For this year’s theme we’ve chosen to INSPIRE you IN THE CLOUD.

It looks like everybody’s winning in the cloud. The question remains are you winning as an intra-or entrepreneur in the cloud?

Are you gaining the maximum efficiency thanks to cloud services? Or does the answer differ from technology?

What is next in cloud-based tech and have we reached the limit or are we just starting?

In this rapid changing environment we probably don’t have all the answers yet but we can answer already a lot of them.

Francesca Van Thielen

Xylos inspires in the cloud host will be Francesca Vanthielen.

She is a journalist and presenter. She has a strong social commitment and a clear vision on global warming. She is better placed than anyone to summarize technological, social and economic insights from our speakers in an optimistic way.

xylos inspire 2021

Due to covid-19, this event will be as hybrid as most IT environments nowadays.
The event will be 100% digital. But if the governmental restrictions get any lighter by the 4th of February, we will make an option for a limited number of people to be physically present at the event. Some of the presentations will be pre-recorded, others will be live.

XYLOS INSPIRE 2021 will be an unforgettable hybrid experience full of stimulating content and ground-breaking inspiration.

As an attendee on the 4th of February, you’ll be able to attend those virtual sessions that interest you the most. Enjoy and don’t forget to live on a cloud…